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The benefits of environmentally friendly plasticizers for everyday life

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With the continuous expansion of the demand for environmentally friendly plasticizers in China, the variety of production is continuously enriched, the import volume is showing a downward trend, while the export volume is slightly increased, and the self-sufficiency rate of domestic products is constantly increasing. When environmentally friendly plasticizers appeared on the market, people only saw the advantages of environmentally friendly plasticizers for plastic products, and with the further use of people, we found that it also poses a huge threat. In the face of rapidly increasing market demand, these drawbacks have surfaced that cannot be ignored. At present, plasticizers in the Chinese market still have a lot of problems, and some incidents caused by plasticizers have appeared. How to make consumers enjoy safe and harmless plasticizers is a major problem that enterprises need to solve urgently. The safe green plasticizer is well received by the market, which gives the Chinese market a good tip.
Environmentally friendly plasticizers are plastic additives used in large quantities in plastic products and are mainly used in the production of various types of plastic products. In medical products, infusion bags, infusion tubes, medical packaging, storage bags, gaskets, etc., children's toys, including imported toys, cultural and sports supplies, etc., plasticizers are indispensable, so its safety to people It is very important and has become a topic of wide concern. For a long time, phthalate plasticizers have occupied the domestic plasticizer market with excellent plasticizing properties.
At present, environmentally friendly plasticizers produced by domestic enterprises are difficult to meet environmental protection requirements in many performances, especially hygiene and low toxicity. Plasticizers have mainly been dominated by ortho-benzene products for a long time, but the toxicity of ortho-benzene products has attracted more and more attention from the public. The production scale of most enterprises is still small, the overall production level is relatively low, and there is still a big gap with the international advanced level. High-quality products basically rely on imports. However, some manufacturers have begun to make great efforts to study new catalytic and separation processes, and vigorously develop and promote new plasticizers that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Epoxidized soybean oil can be increased in molecular weight after complexing with lauryl sulfate. A new type of synergist is formed, which has good compatibility with polymer materials and is difficult to be extracted to enhance the synergistic effect.


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