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Environmental plasticizer development needs

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In recent years, following the progress of environmental awareness in international countries, plastic products such as medicine and food packaging, daily necessities, toys, etc. have put forward higher purity and cleaning requirements for main plasticizers. Environmentally friendly plasticizers have won a wide range of shopping malls and are receiving more and more attention. However, the main plasticizers produced by domestic companies are difficult to meet environmental protection requirements in many functions, especially cleaning and low toxicity.
As a new type of green plastic plasticizer, citric acid ester products are non-toxic and tasteless. They can replace traditional phthalate plasticizers. They are widely used in food and medical equipment packaging, cosmetics, daily necessities, toys, Military products and other areas are also important chemical intermediates. Among them, acetyl citrate has more excellent functions and is more widely used. It is not only a non-toxic and odorless green plastic plasticizer, but also a polyvinylidene chloride stabilizer, a film and metal adhesion modifier, and its long-term bonding. Soaking in water still has a strong adhesion.


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